Lava meets ice - the utter smoothness of the bubbles simply look incredible!


Lava has long been the molten rock of human imagination; children pretend it covers the floor to avoid it with their acrobatics and adults are fascinated by it’s creations. Thanks to lava there are more than a few exotic islands all across the globe which you can visit, but there are also islands still in creation where the magma continues to rise to the surface. On many of those islands you can watch as the lava meets the ocean, and new land is made. Naturally the water surrounding those areas are particularly warm, so you wouldn’t be able to stay for too long, but it’s definitely a sight worth seeing. Recently, researchers from Syracuse University wanted to see how lava would react being poured over a sheet of ice, some predicting the lava would instantly melt through the ice and simply pile up, others assuming it would explode. To their surprise that’s not what happened at all; instead the lava began sliding across the ice, instantly vaporising the water molecules and creating steam. The end result is one beautifully crafted piece of rock art! That rock and any further sculptures like it could actually be sold as works of art, I’d want one!

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