A super cool grandma is dancing the "Whip (Nae Nae)" dance!


This 86-year-old grandma was in the kitchen when she suddenly heard the song, “Watch Me” by Silento play. The moment she heard it, this grandma couldn’t help but move and dance to the music. Not knowing that her grandson was secretly filming her, she dances away, and it warms my heart to see someone live life so freely at her age! Her movements are entirely in rhythm with the song, and she swings her arms to the beat. She even does the ‘whip’ to perfection! This grandma reminds me a lot of my own mother, and I am so happy that she was able to be herself and dance freely. I am sure the family got a huge kick out of this awesome video! Please SHARE this grandma’s upbeat energy with your family. It’s inspiring!

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