Nerds play basketball in the hood like a boss!


YouTuber Coby Persin has made some awesome videos and this one is no exception. He went down to a local basketball court with his buddies who were all excellent basketball players. But Coby dressed up his buds as nerds! The guys on the court even tried directing the group of nerds to the library as they couldn’t figure out what they were doing on a basketball court! The nerds challenge the neighborhood guys to a game, and while they get laughed at initially, the offer of 100 dollars is brought to the table and it’s game on! They do look the library patron part, and at first their ball playing is indeed pretty horrible. The other team is looking to shut them out as they’ve prevented the nerds from scoring.Then something happens. The nerds suddenly become good! So good that they are dunking and even making jump shots from half court! The other team is trying to write it off as luck, but that so-called luck keeps coming on strong! Check out how this whole thing ends!

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