10 Most Shocking Wedding Rituals Around the World!


Weddings have so many different traditions surrounding them and these various customs differ from country to country. More common wedding traditions include wedding toasts, throwing the bouquet and even breaking a bottle after the nuptials are completed. These different practices sometimes come from a religious background and sometimes they are a national institution. Wherever the tradition comes from, over time it becomes warped and the meaning begins to change. Where a custom was once a ceremonial foot washing it can now be a time when all of the newlyweds favorite people pelt them with smelly garbage. The fun thing about rituals is that they bring a sense of camaraderie to those who take part, when it comes to wedding rituals a sense of camaraderie is necessary for a happy and healthy future. The concept of wedding rituals almost always ends with a hope of good luck for the bride and groom. Wherever the custom derives from in the world and whether it comes from a religious belief or not, the custom generally ensures a long happy relationship for the couple getting hitched. These wedding traditions take us from shocked to confused as we travel all around the world in this list of strange wedding rituals.

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