Cockatoo has a funny reaction when it's being told off!


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cockatoos say the darndest things. As you can see in this video, it might be as smart to watch your tongue around birds as kids. This cockatoo really does not want to go back into her cage, as she unleashes this hilarious tirade against her owner’s request. We just hope she never worked for anyone with top secret government clearance, because she would totally spill the beans. A word of caution: This bird curses like a sailor, so if you get offended easily by the crazy antics of animals, you might want to just read the story. Pebble has had ten homes over the last twenty years, which is not very healthy for an animal that can easily live for triple that and tends to bond with just one human in their lifetime. Luckily she finally found her way to Saskatoon Parrot Rescue, which works with birds to find them stable and loving homes. It is here that the staff discovered her blue streak. “So, we don’t know for sure where she learned it, but she came to us with it,”said one volunteer at the shelter. “It’s obvious she heard it a lot somewhere along the line.”

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