Somebody wore body paint instead of clothes to see if people react!


As we speak, materials experts specialising in fashion are crafting technologies that will one day enable us to spray on our own custom clothing as easily as we might put on deodorant. Until that day arrives, though, we’re going to have to settle for putting on body paint and hoping nobody else notices that you’re violating your probation for indecent exposure. That’s the subject of this video made by professional body painter Pashur House, who painted a brave volunteer named Julie and sent her out into the world to see if anybody would notice she was wearing nothing but a pair of knickers. Julie’s suffered from body image issues after high school, where she was mocked for having cellulite, but on the next page, she’s set to confront her issues with the help of Pashur. Pashur starts off by explaining what Julie’s going to be wearing (or not wearing) a white shirt and jeans, which is pretty much what she wears to the studio. We also hear from Julie, who tells us about her insecurities about her body stemming from an incident in high school, where some mean kids made fun of her cellulite after she wore a leotard for a musical. Turn over for the quite fascinating video. Art is all about taking risks, but for painter Pashur House, the risks are being taken by the subjects of his work rather than himself. He’s going to paint young Julie all over and send her out into the world, hoping people will mistake his handiwork for real clothing.

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