How to stop your dog from snoring! Hilarious video from a snoring dog owner!


Your loved ones may not mean to snore, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating. It only takes so many failed attempts to politely silence a snorer without waking them up to throw manners out the window and take more drastic measures. Of course, the worst kind of snorer is the one who doesn’t know he does it. Enter comedian Tal Solomon’s Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the ultimate oblivious snorer. The luxury (if you can call it that) of people who snore is that you can communicate to them in a common language to let them know abut their habit. If you’re lucky, you’ll jointly find a way to overcome the noisy behavior. The trouble with a snoring dog is that, well, they don’t know they snore — they may not even know what snoring is. Another problem is that a snoring dog is incredibly cute, yet annoying at the same time, creating a conundrum as to how to handle the situation. In the video below, which has gone viral since first posted on the comedian’s Facebook on January 1, Solomon shows us the hilarious way he stopped his adorable dog from snoring. Instead of just waking his dog up himself with human noises, Solomon records the sound of his King Charles snoring and replays it for the dog to hear. The pooch’s reaction is almost as human as his snoring. In love with this clip? Please SHARE this hilarious video with your friends on Facebook!

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