DO GIRLS MASTURBATE? Social street experiment!


A YouTuber has hit the streets in yet another social sexperiment, to find out whether girls really masturbate. Rather than sit down and actually read a book about biology or female sexuality, Greedy Boss (aka. James Morphett), has simply decided to ask total strangers about their wanking habits… The women, faced with his creepy Spanish Inquisition responded with varying degrees of shock and horror. While that may be a valuable and eye-opening lesson for some people, Morphett’s interviews with drunk women on a night out – masquerading as an attempt to debunk the out-dated myth of female masturbation – is pretty grim watching. If only this guy didn’t have the charm and charisma of a gnat, perhaps he wouldn’t have to pester strangers with his questions…He could probably just research on his own time.

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