He sees a black blob in the sand and then realizes it's a stingray!


It’s not every day you see something as rare as this. A fisherman on the coast of Bahia, Brazil, discovered a large black mass lying on a bed of sand. When he walked over, he finally realized what was in front of him — and it was quite a big shock. The Brazilian fisherman was standing over a massive stingray, caught within the grasp of a fishing net that had washed ashore. The net took the stingray along with it, leaving him with no escape. The fisherman began tugging, trying to free the helpless sea animal from the net’s clutches, but he couldn’t do it alone. Luckily, other beachgoers took notice of the man’s struggle. Several people rushed over, one by one, in order to help. The volunteers each grabbed a side to lift and nudge the stingray back towards the ocean. They patiently waited for waves to float in and assist them with lifting the animal. Slowly but surely, the rescue crew was able to inch the stingray back towards the water. Soon, the creature was deep enough into the ocean to move around on its own. The noble pack of good samaritans released the stingray, and at last, he was free to swim again. The owner of the video posted on October 18, 2016, said, “Everyone that helped was left with hands and legs pretty grated as the stingray skin is very rough. 15 minutes after the animal was freed, we saw another giant stingray jumping on the ocean, and we like to think it was the same stingray happy to be free again. It was a beautiful moment.”

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