Do you know how your food looks like before it's proccessed?


The act of de-shelling nuts is something that people actually enjoy doing. And that tiny nut tastes so much better because of it. Some, like the walnut, you even need a nutcracker to break though. Shelled nuts are a win-win. You work to open them and you get a reward. You savor the taste of a single nut. However, one of the most delicious nuts are cashews, and they seem to never come in a shelled version. Turns out cashews are part of the poison ivy family! There’s an oil that is considered to be a strong irritant and it is found in the layer between the shell and the cashew seed. Ingested, and it can be fatal! How are we even eating cashews then? It seems pretty risky at best. Well it turns out they go through a process that ends up making them safe and free from the irritant. But there are warnings regarding labels which claim the nuts are packaged raw. The nuts must be roasted at high temps as part of the process to get rid of the oil. They turn solid through the roasting as opposed to being raw. Turns out the nut actually grows on the outside of the fruit! This makes it known as being an accessory fruit. The fruit itself is said to taste very good as well.

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