How would you feel if your mom gave you $20 and left for good?


Everyone is given challenges in life, and they are different for every person. It's important to remember that the people we meet every day, the ones who smile at us while serving food, ringing in your groceries or stocking shelves at a library, are dealing with struggles we know nothing about. You're about to read about a young man who quietly overcame tremendous obstacles to not only survive, but thrive. The Robles brothers were left with these words and $20 when their mother abandoned them. Their father was in jail, so the boys had to be put into foster care. The boys tried to stay together, but the state separated them, further devastating the boys. Jose Was Only 12 But vowed to reunite his brothers. Though this must have seemed impossible at such a young age, Jose began putting his dreams into action by getting a job. He did whatever he could to make money while going to school. He eventually got a job at the library and worked his way up the ladder to assistant branch manager by the time he was 24. Jose's siblings didn't know he was saving to buy a house so when they walked in, they had some adjusting to do. Jose keeps the whole household in line with the same expectations any good parent would have. For having so few good role models, Jose has become one.

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