These two guys are totally embarrassed when asked bedroom question about their wives!


Whenever Steve Harvey shows up in a video, you know for a fact that it’s going to end up being entertaining. For years now, this guy has managed to make us laugh, and it’s no wonder why he got the job as the host of Family Feud. Usually this hilarious show is pretty tame, but every once in a while something a bit intimate will show up. So when it came time to ask two men (one of which was a Marine in his dress blues) about the marriage bed, they understandably got a bit awkward and embarrassed! The question itself is pretty simple, but any husband would be fearful of publicly answering, even for a game show. Steve asked, “Which of the Seven Dwarfs would your wife be in bed?” and the two men just stood there! Usually, the contestants fight to be the first to push the red button and answer the question, but this go-round, the two men just shook their heads, refusing to answer! Finally, after a few moments of awkward silence, the Marine took one for the team and answered the question. He tried his best to state that it was “just to get on the board,” but we’ll see how that ends up! Either way, you can always trust the Marine to risk his own butt for the other guy!

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