Judges are confused when 4 grandmas audition. Then they bring the house down with a fun dance!


Michelle, Heather, Lynn, and Maxine are four lovely ladies who form the group known as The Cocooners. They are known for their tap dancing skills and infectious energy. But the most surprising part about this group is their age. Michelle is 63-years-old, Heather is 70-years-old, Lynn is 80-years-old, and Maxine is 75-years-old. Naturally, when these four old ladies stepped onstage to audition for Britain’s Got Talent, the judges were taken aback. The show generally features contestants half their age. But don’t let their old age fool you. These ladies are very talented! They pull off their old “grandma clothes” and reveal stunning gold bodysuits. Then, The Cocooners tap dance on stage much to the delight of the crowd and judges. Everyone watching can’t help but applaud and clap along as the ladies dance.

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