Many lost dogs never see their owners ever again, but Bosco was a rare exception!


So fo 764 days, Bosco waited at local restaurants and wait for scraps of food to be taken to the bins. It’s sad to hear of a dog struggling to survive, but Bosco isn’t the only dog out there struggling to feed itself. While it’s tragic to think of our beloved pets being separated from us, many pet owners actually go through it. There are too many dogs who venture out into the world and get lost. Almost two years later, Bosco was hunting for food when he came across a delicious smell. As he approached closer to the smell, Bosco was taken by surprise. He found himself trapped inside a cage with no way of escaping! Thankfully, these humans weren’t looking to hurt Bosco. In fact, these humans actually managed to find Bosco’s original owner. Bosco’s original owner moved away, so they arranged a video call. You can imagine how excited Bosco was to see his owner once again.

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