Mom with 2 uteruses gives birth to boys. An incredible medical mystery!


Camp was born with uterine didelphys, or two uteruses. Each uterus is connected to one fallopian tube and one ovary. Women with this extremely rare condition can conceive. In fact, Camp and her husband already had two children when she became pregnant again. When Camp went in for an ultrasound during the 11th week of her pregnancy, her obstetrician revealed unbelievable news. “She said, ‘Well, here’s the baby on the right and here’s the heartbeat, and everything looks great. So here’s the baby in the left uterus.’ Before Camp, there had only been 73 documented cases like hers in the world. Her pregnancy was extremely risky, but fortunately her twin boys survived. The mother gave birth 14 weeks premature. The boys weighed about a pound each when they were born. However now they are happy, chubby babies. “I call them my tiny little fighters,” she says.

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