Funniest sneezing dog ever( P.s. nothing wrong with him )


Our dogs can do the funniest things sometimes. They’re just like you and me, and when you get to know them and they become part of your family, you start to notice the little things that make them unique. That’s why we love them! This adorable pup is no exception. The Staffordshire bull terrier is making us tear up and double over with laughter, and we bet you’ve never heard a noise like this one come out of a dog before! The owner films his dog when he goes into a sneezing fit. At first, they seem quite normal, like how you’d imagine any dog would sneeze. Perhaps he even sounds just like your dog. Then, just a few seconds into the clip, the pup makes a high-pitched squeal! When you hear it again, you can almost swear that it sounds like the buzz of a bee. The dog continues sneezing until he makes the sound yet again! Imagine being this owner and hearing that sound every other day. Wouldn’t that be a treat to lift your spirits?

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