Woman Struggles For Hours To Save Her Frightened Horse After The Ground Suddenly Gives Way!


One day, Nicole Graham was in the midst of a horseback stroll along the beach with her 7-year-old daughter Paris and 18-year-old horse Astro in tow. The trio were in Gleelong, Australia, enjoying their time together when all of a sudden, the land beneath them started to sink inwards, trapping the trio in a sewage of mud. Nicole and Paris were free of the muddy trap, but their horse Astro was not. But the two could not pull their friend out the pit – they needed help. Astro weighs in at 1,000 pounds or more – with his weight, he was bound to sink even faster if he panics. Nicole tried her very best to keep her beloved horse’s head above the swirling waves that were crashing in, as they were too close to the coastlines. If they weren’t careful, Astro could potentially drown.

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