They filmed their dog's weird behaviour, so enjoy it!


While most people dread a big snowfall, there are those who look forward to it. Skiers love it as it means fresh powder for the slopes. Kids love it as it means they can go out and play in the white stuff. There is also another group that loves the snow. Dogs! Well, not all dogs, but many do enjoy running around in the snow and are very curious and amused by it. But then there are those special dogs that take things a bit further. They hit the slopes! No need for a sled, they just roll down the snow hill on their backs! Case in point is this amazing dog who clearly loves the snow. His name is Fingal and he will sled down the snow hill twisting and turning, on his back most of the way, and then when he gets to the bottom he will run back up and do it all over again! What a clever dog for figuring out how to doggy-sled down the slopes! It’s not only fun for him but it probably feels good having that icy snow rub up against your hairy back! For sure he is digging it and a big thanks to his owner for capturing this awesome dog moment! Check out this wonderful video and be sure to share it with all of your dog loving friends and family!

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