This couple had best gender reveal idea!


Nowadays, couples are getting extra creative with their baby gender reveals. Whether they’re just for themselves, for their family and friends, or for the entire world to see, these reveals have gotten more complex than ever. When this pregnant wife and her husband decided to bring sports into it, the bar raised quite a bit. In the video posted on January 18, 2017, they stand across from each other on the green grass of a baseball field. The pregnant wife prepares to pitch the special ball that will ultimately reveal their future child’s gender. Their family and friends gather on the side of the field and watch in unison. Everything is still and nobody makes a sound as all eyes are on the pitcher and batter. hen the time comes, the wife gently tosses a powder-filled ball underhand in her husband’s direction. It arches in the air and reaches the husband’s side of the field. hen, as the ball is still in the air, the video cuts to slow motion. You can hear the whipping sound of the bat as the husband swings at the ball. uddenly, with a startling crack, the husband breaks the ball open with his wooden bat and colored powder bursts out into the air. nce he realizes what color the powder is, he screams and jumps for joy, as does his pregnant wife. The entire crowd cheers as the husband runs up to his wife and gives her a warm hug to celebrate.

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