Man captures staff abusing his mom on hidden camera!


Camille placed his mother who was 89 in a private room at St. Joseph’s at Fleming long-term care home when he no longer had the time to look after her. She also had Alzheimers. Since St. Joseph’s at Fleming was known for being one of the most caring and professional facility, Camille thought that his mother would be well-taken care of. When Camille visited his mother, though, he found some bruising on the face of her which concerned him. The home didn’t give a reasonable explanation so he decided to take matters into his own hands and install a hidden camera in his mother’s room. He left it there for three weeks, and then reviewed the footage. In the video, you will be shocked to see some of the other residents stealing her stuff, and staff members abusing her. You might find some of the content of the video difficult to watch.

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