What happens when you dip a cheeseburger in hydrochloric acid?


No introduction is needed for the cheeseburger, it's an American staple, but what exactly is hydrochloric acid or HCL? In history, fifteenth century chemist and Benedictine monk Basil Valentine was known for preparing HCL with marine salt and oil of vitriol. According to MeSH, the result was a "strong corrosive acid that is commonly used as a laboratory reagent." EPA Air Toxics says that HCL is used in a variety of household products including chlorides, dyes, and fertilizers. It is also used used in industries that produce photographs, textiles, and rubber.Another thing you should know is that this acid is present in your stomach. Keep in mind that because the experiment was conducted with pure HCL, it cannot be compared with what actually happens in your stomach where enzymes are present.

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