Conor McGregor speaks out about all his opponents!


The video, titled Conor McGregor: My Opponents Before and After Beating Them is a five minute homage to the power of McGregor himself in which great fighters – from Dustin Poirier to Jose Aldo – are served a colossal dose of humble pie. The video splices clips of McGregor’s opponents trash-talking Conor before they face off with the Irish mixed martial artist… Only to get destroyed by McGregor’s hands, and forced to congratulate him after the fact at press conferences. The montage makes for some pretty awkward viewing, particularly as an athlete’s UFC success is so much about bluster, intimidation, psychological strength and confidence. Since McGregor was stripped of his title at the weekend – it’s now back in the hands of Aldo – it makes sense that the scorned former UFC champ would send Aldo and his other naysayers this message, enforcing his dominance.

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