Marine surprises big sister on her wedding day!!!!


When Katie Logan found out she was going to be married, she wanted to make sure that her Marine brother Joseph could be there. But as a Marine, he couldn’t quite guarantee it. As the date got closer, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to make it because he had to be on a ship operation preparing for deployment. So he made a video for Katie to watch before the ceremony. He shares memories of the two of them growing up together, the trouble they got into, and exactly what he wants to say to her as she takes this next step in her life. Probably the most touching thing is how proud he is of her, and how she is perfect in his eyes. “I would die for her, there’s not anything I don’t like about my sister,” Joseph says. “Any imperfection of my sister is perfect in my eyes.” And because Katie thinks that Joseph won’t be there, she believes that’s the end of the surprise. But that’s not quite true. As is tradition, the bride and groom share a moment before the ceremony to have a first look at each other. So when Katie sees a Marine in uniform walking toward her, she thinks it’s her husband. But when he gets closer, she immediately recognizes who it is. And when she does, she breaks down in happy tears. “I was walking down the path and I knew it wasn’t Joe,” she exclaims. “Your video was special, but this takes the cake!”

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