Kids Tell the Story of Christmas and it's hilarious!


Christmas is so close, you can practically smell the cookies and milk set out for Santa! The sound of reindeer feet on the roof is starting to get louder and louder! As we finish up our last-minute shopping, wrap every present we bought, and rush to see our loved ones, it is easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas. We get caught up in the gift aspect and forget the holiday’s origin. As adults, we know the reason for the season even if we forget sometimes, but children don’t always understand. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host decided to see just how many children actually know why we celebrate Christmas and what the story behind the holiday is. To see what kids thought, Jimmy sent a reporter to the streets of Los Angeles to poll children as they passed by. This isn’t the first time he asked kids a question that tripped them up. Do you remember when he asked kids how babies are made? The results were hilarious! Much like this video. One child doesn’t think Jesus was born on Christmas. Instead, he claims Jack, “that skeleton guy,” was born then! I think someone has watched a little too much The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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