A mummified “alien” hand was found on the coast of Peru!


It was easy to call it a fake, a hoax, or whatever but the hand, which is clearly not of a human being, was personally seen by the team of Hidden Inca Tours in Cusco Peru. The skull was x-rayed and examined by physicians in Cusco who stated that it was not a human, but was a life form of some kind. It is composed of bone and skin of some sort. Radiocarbon and DNA testing early in 2017 in the US are at works for the artifact’s authenticity. The artifacts were found in a secret location, in a tunnel in the southern desert of Peru. Researchers who examined the artifacts were unable to determine what kind of life form it is, or was. On the other hand, the keeper of the artifacts does not want to sell them, he simply wants to know what they are. Just like most of us!

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