Chinese man saves 150 kg of coins to buy engagement ring!


When you think about romance, you probably think about roses, wine, and a nice dinner. But what about spare change? A Chinese man proved that spare change could, in fact, be quite romantic, especially because he was fulfilling a promise he made to his girlfriend a whopping 20 years ago! Thirty-year-old Liang Liang promised his childhood sweetheart that he would marry her, that one day he would buy her an engagement ring. Time tested their relationship, as they both worked in different cities, and before that studied in different cities. But all the while, Liang never lost track of his goal. Over the next 20 years, he saved all the spare change he could get his hands on. Then one day, when she was back in town, he packed up the coins on a tricycle, and made his way to a jewelry shop. Needless to say, the jewelry store’s employees were baffled by the sight: before them sat 150 kilograms of coins, which they spent half the day counting. The money was then used to buy a $1,933 diamond engagement ring! With it, Liang proposed to the lucky lady, who accepted his proposal. The employees were so touched by the proposal, they decided to preserve the coins in the store’s museum! If you thought this man’s gesture was incredibly romantic, please SHARE!

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