Diving Into a Creepy Mud Puddle of Death!


Swimming is one of the best parts of the summer. I love to dive right in and cool off, and I'm not talking about only swimming pools. I grew up splashing around in lakes and streams that loads of people wouldn't dare dip their toes in. That's why I was baffled by this video that seems to show three men diving into a puddle and disappearing entirely. It's totally bizarre -- and kind of creepy -- to see them go under and not resurface. Fortunately, there is a natural explanation for what we're seeing. The guys are likely in a bog, which is a type of wetland where moss and plants have accumulated enough to sit on top of the water and support some weight without sinking. They likely found or cut a hole in the bog, then went on their diving adventure. Open water might be right next to them, but the camera's location makes it seem like they're just diving into the ground.

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